Our platform

Finding real commercial insights from your data takes experience, motivation and creativity. Putting that theory into practice takes focus and investment.

We have an approach and tools to make the difficult possible.

Data unlocked

Quality and people, not databases and IT.

Make data usable with minimal friction, to encourage finding commercial insights.

Analysis as Q&A

Trustworthy and iterative, not black-box.

Run analyses that are transparent and repeatable, to allow a "Q&A with the data" to tangibly measure the commercial value.

Business integration

People-focused and holistic, not separate

Integrate data into full "ecosystem" of people and processes, to make sure that the full value is captured.

Our Flex Bank initiative

We believe that providing comprehensive intermediation services to manage timing, location, and profiling gaps between clean power generation and consumption will accelerate clean energy goals. It is the foundation of Flex Bank.

Our vision is to create an entirely new and efficient platform for selling and purchasing clean power.

Our mission is to optimize flexibility (e.g., batteries, industrial processes, decentralized energy resources) and dispatchable clean power (e.g., gas-fired generation combined with carbon capture) to facilitate the transition to sustainable intermittent renewable energy.

Check out our article on establishing a competitive market to achieve 100% clean energy, which is the heart of Flex Bank.

Pyxidr is a member of Energy Compacts, an effort supported by UN Energy.

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